It’s Autumn! We can only watch and prepare as the cold weather closes in. We finish stacking wood, digging out electric portable heaters and fire up the boilers and furnaces.

     First, Fino Electric recommends calling your local boiler or furnace service as well as chimney and fireplace technicians to carefully inspect equipment. Just to make sure all systems are in good, safe working order. (Make sure squirrels haven’t built a nest in your flues and chimneys!)

    Next, check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries! This simple step can save you and your families’ lives in the event of a smoke condition or fire. When seconds count, early detection prompts the fastest action!

    If you have battery only smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, it may be time to consider upgrading. Convert to electric with battery backup detectors. The main advantage is that if there is trouble in the basement, you’ll know instantly on the second floor with interconnect technology.

     If you have electric only detectors, this can be an issue if the power is disabled due to a fire event or other utility problem.

    Finally, the National Fire Prevention Association has determined that smoke detectors deplete over time (as with most electronics), jeopardizing their ability to work. They urge changing detectors every 7 years — as do the manufacturers.


Call Fino Electric today to schedule a free estimate. We also offer battery replacement for those hard to reach detectors.


Fino Electric wishes you and your family a warm, safe season!


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Fino Electric wishes you and your family a warm, safe season!

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